I just stumbled on this beautiful gem while looking for unique wedding songs.  I fell in love with the lyrics, the harmony…and the chemistry between these two singers…who, by the way, eventually got married a few of years later.  It reminds me of how the Lord truly puts people in our paths for our good when we strive to live just as good, for that is how my wife and I came to be.

Kindred spirits, indeed….in song, and in heart.   Enjoy this beautiful song with its beautiful message!

I Knew This Would Be Love by Kina Grannis and Imaginary Future

It’s funny how we met on the telephone
You and I on the edge of the unknown
Oh, in only a moment’s time
I knew my heart was yours and yours was mine

When I saw you waiting at your place
Something felt familiar in your face
Oh, you smiled as if to say
I knew my heart was yours from the first day

We were right
We stood through it all
Holding tight
Whenever we fall
What we found is second to none
I knew, I knew, I knew this would be love
I knew, I knew, I knew this would be love

There were days when I thought I’d lost you
I read the letter aloud, what could I do?
Now, we’re right back where we belong
Don’t second guess your heart, it’s never wrong