(Commentary added after the poem)

I have chosen you because
I know you need my help.
Even though you say
You don’t want my help.
Or don’t even realize
That I can help.

I know you have a lot to give
But you tend to stray away.
You tend to leave
and go your way
and do your thing
no matter what I say.
You may be Stubborn, Sinful,
Careless, Can’t see,
World-weighted, world-caring,
Selfish, care-free,
You may be Proud, Unwilling,
Unyielding, Untrusting, Unsure,
Prone to fall for the Tempter’s snares
Prone to forget Me.

But I don’t want to leave you;
I don’t want to see you go.
You know not where you’re going,
How I love you, you don’t know.
There’s so much about you
That you can’t see,
There’s so much you can do
If you’re willing to work with Me.

I am Jesus Christ,
Your Savior, Redeemer,
Your Brother.

I’m focusing on you.
I’m not giving up on you.
My arms outstretched…for you.
My hands reaching…you.
My Mercy is Ready,
Forgiveness to be given,
Just return to me,
leave the World and its ways,
And listen…

My work is you.
My life is you.
My love…is you.
You are my brothers
You are my sisters
You are my Family.
You…are my people.
That’s why I’ve chosen…You.

Thoughts behind the poem

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about this word “CHOSEN”…especially when used in the titles like “the CHOSEN ONE” or “A CHOSEN People”. Usually, it means that one is selected to be part of an Elite group, a special group with special skills or characteristics, or one already has those special qualities…over all others.

However, I’m not buying into the “Elite” mentality. For some reason, it’s not sitting well with me. And as I thought about it even more, I thought about how the children of Israel was, back in the Bible Era, called a chosen people. Why was such a stubborn people, a people quick to forget their God, a people quick to rebel against their Savior, a people quick to crucify the Savior…yeah, that people…why were they called “a chosen people”?

I realized that the Lord was saying something just a little differently than how the world interprets it. The world’s way is Elitism. The Lord’s way of CHOOSING is different…and it comes in a couple of ways.

For part 1, the Lord’s CHOOSING is for whom the world sees as worthless, whom the world has seduced, whom the world has taken from the Lord. It is for the lowest, the farthest, the most despised, the most stubborn. And it’s for a different purpose: He’s choosing them because they’re the most at risk for not wanting to come back home. They become His greatest work, needing his greatest love, requiring the greatest amount of time…because they really need His help greatly…because they ARE AT RISK of not coming home. And that makes them of most worth to Him. HE loves them that much to not want to lose them.

So, of all the people the Lord needs to work on, he CHOSE the ones who would reject Him and the Father outright. He CHOSE the ones who are struggling, faithless, blind, broken, prideful…even if they haven’t rejected him outright just yet. He doesn’t forget them, nor forsake them…even if they’ve forgotten Him and forsaken Him. He CHOSE them, to work on them. Those are the one’s He’s chosen.

That’s why, for Part 1, the Chosen People are the ones He truly needs to focus on. They are the ones who are in great need of His help.

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