Presenting to you my “Board of Work”, December version.  I call it “The Meme-ing of Christmas”.  Everyone who stops by my cube love searching for whatever is new and getting their chuckle for the day.  They love it even better when they give me a new pun to draw and I get the challenge of “drawing it on the fly”.  (Drawing on flies is hard, I tell you!  Those little buggers are just too fast…   *wink! wink!*)

Here are some other Pun-Toons that I re-conceptualized:

And you can hang this on your mantle…

The Nature of Puns

I love to twist words and try to come up with something humorous.  I work in that world right now…where words can be twisted and turned to mean certain things and used for certain purposes.  I’m sure you’ve encountered that as well:  Commercials use it, Politicians use it, Political Action groups use it, Corporations use it, and anyone who wants to use double-meanings in order to hide something in plain sight will use their own puns.  That’s my cynical side doing the thinking…considering the darker uses of it.

However, puns are simply this: turning something ordinary into something more.   And I like to focus on transforming words to create a humorous effect.   It’s a challenge to turn something ordinary into something really funny…and draw it. I’ll just let you Draw Conclusions

The Spiritual Nature of Puns

Come to think of it: are there Puns in Heaven?  I mean, is God “punny”?  Does Christ like to play with words?  Will there be room for the likes of me in Heaven?

I love the idea that God and Christ are Punny!  Here’s why:  the scriptures are full of symbols…words that you think mean one thing, but when put in a different context, they mean something much greater than we thought.  God and Christ play with words as well…but for a different purpose.   “I am the Bread of Life” is not a literal thing meaning that Christ is made out of bread, and we don’t really eat his body nor drink his blood like cannibals. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” doesn’t mean that Christ is a road, Google, or the energy that fuels your body to live.  “I am in the Father and the Father is in me” are not literal, physical descriptions either, indicating that one person is physically inside another while the other is physically inside the first one.

Wordplay is nothing new to God and Christ.   They use it…to teach, to convey truths, and to build us up…when we have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Parables are built on wordplay.  Scriptural truths are built on wordplay.  Their conversations have built-in wordplay.  Why?  I’m not sure…but I know that whenever I use wordplay in teaching others, I’m able to help others think outside of their normal box of thinking.  I use wordplay to bridge between ordinary and extraordinary.

One thing more:  Puns take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.  That is a creative function, reminiscent of a Creator.  Much like taking ordinary notes and turning them to a symphony; taking simple ingredients and creating a feast; or taking mere words and writing profound poetry…or seasoned prose. That’s what God does: make something extraordinary out of ths ordinary.

And that’s exactly the reason why Christ came to this earth: to help ordinary folks like us become the extraordinary beings we really are:  helping restore us from sin,   building us up,  and ultimately challenging us to want to be “One with God”. Again, that isn’t a physically literal thing…but really, it’s an invitation to come Home to our Father, to be where He is, to be Like Him, and to be comfortable being with Him after our time here on earth.  

A Puntastic Message

That’s why Christ came to earth: to help us come Home…and want to come Home…and want to be Home…with our Father.  He came to show us the way Home…to Him.  He came to demonstrate how to be.  He came to help us help others how to be as well.  “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect” and “Come unto me” are exactly the same message when put in this context:  Please Come Home. We are not complete without you.  Perfection isn’t about being flawless…it’s about being complete, with us!

Yes, Christmas is truly about Coming Home….because God wants us Home, with Him.  Don’t you want to be Home…to our Heavenly Home…as a Christmas goal?  I do.  Kinda puts a new twist on “I’ll be Home for Christmas”, doesn’t it?  That’s not just the Meme-ing of Christmas, but…for me, the real Meaning of Christmas.

So, yes, I know there are puns in Heaven.  And there are bound to be lots of punsters there…God being one of them!  There is so much joy and laughter that comes from the puns in my “Board of Work”…and that creative joy and laughter can continue from this life into the next life.  I’ll continue to take ordinary things into something extraordinary…because that’s exactly what Christ does to me…everyday.  That’s what he wants to do for all of us.

And that Extraordinary Thought helps me feel right at Home.  Let that add some meme-ing to your Christmas! ☺

Enjoy your Christmas, everyone!  A Happy Christmas to you!