That which we seek, we will find.

If we look for imperfections in our spouse or irritations in our marriage, we will certainly find them, because everyone has some. On the other hand, if we look for the good, we will surely find it, because everyone has many good qualities too.

Those who save marriages pull out the weeds and water the flowers. They celebrate the small acts of grace that spark tender feelings of charity. Those who save marriages save future generations.

-Dieter Uchtdorf

Remember why you fell in love.  And….Remember why you love.

Work each day to make your marriage stronger and happier.  Marriage gives us a reason to anchor to us to each other, something to work towards when disappointments strike, when arguments flare, when misunderstandings occur, and when the temptation to separate rears its head.  It’s what draws us back to each other…once we’ve discovered the secret of loving each other.

Marriage is not an institution imposed by society.  It is not just an agreement, certified by a document, and sanctioned in civil offices and earthly laws.  It’s more than just financial and social and psychological benefits or even the physical satisfaction of intimacy.  No…it is more than that.

Marriage is a choice to build something–to build a family…a home…a life–together, as husband and wife.   It is a partnership…between a man, woman, and the God who made them…in an agreement to bring souls from heaven into this earth, and raise them up, teach them all they know, and help each one come home to that God who sent them here.  Marriage is the foundation to discover who God is in ways we never expected to discover.  Marriage is the embrace that binds husband and wife, heaven and earth, family to family, generations past with generations ahead, all while enjoying the joys of the present.

Let us do our very best to be numbered among those who seek to save, who seek to preserve, who seek to grow, to strengthen, to beautify, to cherish and treasure their marriages.   Let us be the ones who seek the best in our spouse…despite their failings and disappointments.  Let us be the ones who seek what is lovely, of good report, praiseworthy, and just plain “good” in our spouse.  Let us seek the wonderful, the humor, the strengths, the uplifting, the smiles, the giggles, the joys, the humility, the loving tender mercies.  Let us seek to fill where the other lacks, and let us seek to draw on their strengths where we lack.  Let us seek our spouse…when others fail us, or when we fail ourselves.  Let us seek the small joys in each other…

For that which we seek, we will find.

And you’ll discover:  Great will be your joy!