The Devil would accuse God of being bigoted, intolerant, and unloving of the Devil’s practices, ideas, desires, and presence.

The Devil wants God to accept and embrace him. Yes, accept him for who he is, regardless of what he does and what he’s done. Even if those things composed of knowingly leading away God’s children from God and causing them to turn against Him.

Yes, the Devil would want God to accept him and love him without conditions. Without requiring him to change his heart, his mind, his spirit, to be like unto God. Without loving God. He would want forgiveness without changing his own heart.

Yes, the Devil wants to be allowed back into God’s presence, to be included in all the glory, be given his eternal inheritance. He wants his former seat at the table of God…without earning that place once again.

And if God won’t let him, why, he’ll throw an eternal tantrum, causing temptations, oppressions, commotions, contentions, stirring up hearts one against another and everyone against God…all while whispering in their ears, “There’s no such thing as devils…or God.”

Wait a minute. He’s already doing that.

Even if God allowed the Devil to have all that he wanted, the devil would be in hell…while in Heaven. He wouldn’t be able to stand, sit, or just plain BE in His presence. The Devil would loathe being there.

And so God continues to be God, seeking each one of us, desiring us to seek Him, desiring us not only to want to be with Him but also to be like Him, because we want to love him. So, when we agree to want to love God, we change our hearts, our thoughts, our ways, and strive to love Him. We work with Him to see what we need changing in ourselves so that we can be more like Him. And when we do, our love for Him increases as does our love for others.

All this we can do with his son, Jesus Christ. All this, so that we can be “at home” with God when we come home to Him.