I just came across an interesting Instagram request to vote on whether or not life begins at a cellular level or some time after and whether or not a father should have a say in his wife’s abortion decision.

Interesting.  Because when I was in my teens some twenty-some-odd years ago, we were thinking about just how society, in future years, would probably start voting on whether something was right or not…as if a vote could change the rightness or wrongness of something in an instant. For me, that perspective changed when I realized that a vote was really used (by those who were doing the asking) more as a gauge  to measure how something was accepted…and acceptable…to the people being asked.  Abortion and other social issues are gauged in this manner.  Thus, I can see now how people are asked certain questions in a certain manner to cause them to accept…or reject…certain things…by framing questions in a certain way such as to exclude other perspectives.

Thus, the current questions of abortion direct people to focus include some of the following ways:
* focus on the baby: Is it a life or not a life in a given time range? Is it viable? Who defines what “life” is?
* focus on rights and choice: Do I have a right to an abortion? Is it legal? Do you have a right to tell me what to do with my body? Don’t I have choice whether or not to have an abortion? Does a fetus have rights? What about the right to privacy?

There are other points of argument, too many to  list…but what I’ve noticed is that people never really ask–nor ask anyone to ask themselves– these questions:

* Why would I, personally, want an abortion? Whether it is legal or not, why am I even considering it?

* Yes, every one gets a chance to choose. Why would I even choose it?

* Arguments are for it are always tied with rape or incest when mentioned with unwanted pregnancies. However, isn’t the whole premise of “planned parenthood” really around “Self” – meaning, “I will become a parent when I want to be a parent.

BUT…I want the pleasures of procreation as well, without the associated responsibilities for the true joy of procreation.” Isn’t that really UNWANTING a pregnancy?

It was never really about rape or incest. Those just make a really good case to bring up the issue. Isn’t that really the reason for promoting “safe sex”?  For “casual, consentual sex between unmarried people”, for contraception.  Isn’t it really for people to “enjoy” the pleasures of intimacy while trying to remove the responsibility and accountability that naturally comes with sexual procreation?  Isn’t that what “Friends with benefits” are all about?  Never really about the joys of procreation…but about the pleasures of promiscuousness?

Isn’t the question being asked really…”Am I UNWANTING this pregnancy?”

* Am I trying to hide something? Is this automatic feeling of personal guilt getting to me? Am I trying to remove evidence that I went out of my boundaries, or that boundaries were breached?

* Why do I want it legalized for me? Are we really trying to kid ourselves when we say we want it for all women? Or am I justifying it, really, for myself? Does making it legal calm my conscience? Does it give me a reason to say, “I’m not doing anything illegal”…as if to say “I’m not doing anything wrong”? You know, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

And why would I want it enforced? Here I am, telling people that they shouldn’t tell me what to do…but I’m asking someone else to tell others what I’d rather have them do…to think and do the way I’d do. I’m wanting some outside authority to force others to think my way. Am I wanting legalized promiscuity?  Am I trying to legitimize my choice through what other people think (legitimized through votes)?

Why? What’s that all about? Is it really just to shield me from my own conscience?

* Who am I to determine the worth of a life? Who do I think I am…to say whether or not something is even worth keeping or throwing away? Because what I care about, I will keep. What I don’t care about, I will throw away. The real question is: Do I even care?

* What does that tell me about myself, then? Am I a person who doesn’t really care about this living thing inside of myself? Am I so focused on myself that I care more about myself than another? Am I really willing to throw away this being that is growing within me? It IS alive. It multiplies on its own, grows on its own, without my intervention, my control. It IS being created according to plans buried deep within itself. It is a miracle, all on its own. And I’m so scared to take responsibility for it, accounatibility for it, to take care of it…that I would just throw it away…or have someone else “destroy the evidence” that anything was even there? Just so I can maintain the appearance that I didn’t do anything or that nothing happened to me?

* Yes, there are times when rape and incest happen. The world is cruel and twisted that way. It has abandoned and breached any virtuous boundaries, boundaries that have been set up by God and designed into us. I am sad and disheartened that those exist. Still, those moral and virtuous boundaries exist deep within us. Something about interpersonal love, about caring, about preserving life, about protecting virtue, all of that exist within us. Am I willing to throw those boundaries away from my heart and mind? Or should I protect those boundaries in me, in the generations that follow, and among my own peers?

These unasked questions are focused upon the one who has to make the decision: the mother. They are also focused upon the one who’s encouraging the debate to continue, trying to persuade those to really consider abortion. These people focus on the baby, the life, the argument, the rights, or anything outside of the person making the decision. However, these questions are very personal, very individual…and they need to be asked…because those who would promote the argument would have you focus on anything but your heart, or that they would do anything to change your heart to match theirs.

In today’s world, our hearts have failed us. We lack strength and virtue to stand because we have allowed immorality to rob us of our virtue. We’ve allowed others to convince us that we have no strength to stand up for what is truly good and virtuous. But there are also those whose hearts have not yet failed. There are those who will preserve life at any cost…especially at the cost of their own life and reputation.

The Questions and Arguments about Abortion focus outside of the immediate person who has to consider it, whether about the baby or health or rights or laws.  I wish to ask the person to consider her heart, all that is happening within her mind, heart, spirit.  This really is about her, what she believes, what she feels, what she knows…deep within…despite what anyone else outside of her says or argues or persuades.  Current arguments focus outside of the person. I focus inside that person.

I know that there are those who will not agree with me. So be it. It doesn’t matter with me. I give them these questions to ask it sincerely of themselves…and reflect upon what their own heart desires. Because those who desire to stand with Light…don’t need to fight. We just help you see, and you can decide where to go from there.