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Making "Light" of everything: Light doesn't need to fight to be seen. It's content to just show you the way.

The Poem

This is the poem that gave me the inspiration for this blog, and this image is what gave me the inspiration for this poem.  The idea of being a lamp lighter for people intrigued me, and it gave me a purpose for why I write the things I do.  For me, Writers are pens in God’s hands, using the power of language and words to create images, to lift thoughts, to stir feelings, to inspire, to teach, to move people to action, to heal wounds and  mend broken hearts.  Even before the world was organized into its being, the Master Author uttered the first words of creation, “Let there be Light.”   And that sure got things started! 

So, I like to think that somewhere along the lines of Creation, God created a Lamp Lighter…so that there would be Light…because there would be lamps that would need that initial spark, that warmth, that flame…a rekindling of the Light that is already in them.    And eventually, there would be an army of Lamp Lighters lighting many other lamps.

For all the writers and bloggers out there…find the finger of God within your pen…and be His Pen…for He is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

– Omar

Graphite City Lamp Lighter by angelo pasova
Graphite City Lamp Lighter, © angelo pasova

“Lamp Lighters”
Melchezidek and Aaronic Priesthood holders.  Working. Together.

We are of the Priesthood of God,
Vessels of His Power
  to help “light”
  the lamps of Testimony
  And ”fan the flame of…faith”*,
  to bring Light
  to lives surrounded by Darkness,
The hands--and fingers--of God
  Doing His work...
  With Him.
Sound the cry: “Watch, and Pray.”
 Preserve your vessels of light:
Call on the Powers of Heaven…
 the Power of Light.

We are Lamplighters,
Sent to face the stormy darkness
    of the world,
Surrounded…Yet, Positioned
 Where He needs us,
 To hold up the Lord’s light,
 To be the Lord’s Light,
 To bring the world the light of His truth
 Offering  the warmth of God’s
 All-embracing Love,
 Drawing all men…nearer… to Him.

Power of the Priesthood is:
 The Power to Bless,
 The Power to Do,
 The Power of Light,
Hands of God--

 Lifting, Comforting,
 Encouraging, Enduring,
 Teaching, Testifying, 
 Standing fast,

 Creating, Building,
 Restoring, Protecting--
 Angels called, Evil rebuked,
 Darkness cast out--

 Patient, Preaching,
 Gathering, Preserving,
 Praying, Listening,
 Repenting, Forgiving,
 Serving, Blessing.
 Unconditionally Loving...

 Sacrament.  Atonement.
 Jesus Christ: Represent.

“Come Follow Me, ” He calls...
 A righteous generation to raise,
 A world to prepare,
 Ready…for His Coming.

We are the Lord’s Lamplighters…
Vessels of His Priesthood--
    The Power of God.

-- Omar Aguilar, Apr 2013
  *Phrase taken from Jeffrey R. Holland, “Lord I Believe”, 2013 Apr General Conference.

Updated 8/8/14


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