LDS Lamp Lighter

Making "Light" of everything: Light doesn't need to fight to be seen. It's content to just show you the way.


You may use these files for personal use.  Click on each link to download.  Feel free to share them with others. (I reserve copyright for all written work in this site.)

  • Lamp Lighters v4 – This is a poem I made that inspired the name for this blog.  It is my attempt at an answer to the challenge:  How can I bless others with the Priesthood everyday?  It is also an attempt to help refine and define the role of who a Priesthood holder should be.  I’ve printed it out and framed it for my sons to read.
  • 2011 – Viewing and understanding symbols – final  – This is a presentation I put together back in 2011 when I wanted to convey how I was beginning to understand symbols.  This came at a time when I began a serious study into Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Book of Revelations…all of which are richly infused with symbols.
  • One More mile   –  I love the image this gives of enduring to the end.  This is a horse that pulls mine carts in a mine.  It is blind…yet it moves forward, ever working, ever trusting…even in the physical darkness that envelops it.
  • The Pride Cycle Revisited  – I put this together during the 2012 re-election year as I observed the tumultuous effect the current president had upon the United States and its apparent decline in prosperity.

What about you? What do you think?

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