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Making "Light" of everything: Light doesn't need to fight to be seen. It's content to just show you the way.

About Me

Omar Lamp


Welcome to the LDS Lamp Lighter blog!  I’m so happy you stopped by!

My purpose is to share with you different things that I’ve learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to use it in regular life while trying to convey them in a simpler (and hopefully more meaningful) manner.  I can’t say that I came up with everything…but I’ve tried to put together the thoughts that He has impressed upon my mind and heart.  God gets the credit for the ideas.  I’m just the pen that makes those thoughts possible.

This blog is really intended for my family…a different way for them to connect with me when they’re ready for it.  They hear enough of my outer voice.  This blog is the realm of my inner voice.  I can think here…I can ponder, consider, and teach.

You, dear reader, are guests in the home of my thoughts and my heart.  You are welcome to come and go as you please.  Listen…and you will hear what you need.  God lights my lamp.  Allow me to light yours.

So, read on, share with others what good you discover here, and leave me a note or two with your thoughts.   May you be enlightened by what you find here…and may you be a better person for it.

Oh, and yes…I’m a Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints [LDS] ).  🙂

Thanks for visiting!

Omar Aguilar

(You can find also me at omar dot aguilar dot eagle at gmail dot com.)


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