Election year is coming up…and boy do those campaign promises blare!  Of the many things we hear, one promise is prominent…regardless of how it is said, “Choose me…and I will bring Prosperity to this people!”  Whether it’s a strong military or winning some war (military prosperity), jobs and money in your pocket (economic prosperity), equality for all or some form of it (social prosperity), or some other version of perceived prosperity, many candidates are feeding off of the distress and disillusionment of the populace in order to pitch their version of Prosperity.

Why?  Because many of us only live in an illusion of Prosperity.  We are “fed”, but never really “satisfied”.  It is an empty shell of Prosperity that we live, built upon the foundation of debts, of aggression and arrogance, and of superficiality.

Inside, we long for true Prosperity and Peace.

How do we get there?

There is a cycle…or set of cycles…that people go through…whether personally, as families, communities, and even nations.  Some call it the Pride cycle.  Pride, in this context, is the condition of pitting yourself against another and of making yourself better than another.  It is elevating oneself at the cost of everyone else.  It is a cycle of destruction.  There is a warning for people who go through this cycle.

However, there is also another cycle that people overlook:  The Prosperity Cycle.  Prosperity, in this context, is the ability to continue to choose one’s way, the ability to progress, the condition of having peace, enjoyment, freedom, and protection.

So, I put together a Powerpoint presentation that relates these two cycles together…to illustrate the transitions between both cycles.

Click here: The Pride Cycle – Revisited  (You’ll need something that can open Powerpoint files to view it.)

Sometimes, it helps to have a map…to know where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there.