When people
legalize Immorality,
legalize Infidelity and Illicitness,
legalize Exploitation and Greed,
legalize Retaliation and Revenge,
legalize Laundering, Dishonesty, and Deception,
legalize Temptation,
legalize Laziness and Irresponsibility,
and legalize all manner of Despicable Evil-ity…

And then, once legal,…

They Ethical-ize, Incentivize, Encourage, Promote, and Market them to others, so that they, too, may participate in what is now “Legal”…

And then turn around and
“Illegalize” Good:
Restrict, Constrain,
Imprison, Restrain,
Mock, Bully, Protest,
Discourage, Dismiss, Create Disdain for
True Industriousness,
True Honesty,
True Service,
True Selflessness,
True Generosity,
True Right-ness,
True Righteousness,
True Goodness…

Then, when someone claims, “I’ve done nothing ‘illegal’ or ‘unethical’, ” tell me, my friend, has that someone done any Good then?

The LDS Lamplighter